AB Colinas

Composing the group of 19 concessionaires of the Concession Program of the State of São Paulo, AB Colinas is responsible for 307 kilometers of highways covering a large area. 

In 2015, AB Colinas invested approximately R$ 115 million in construction, technology, infrastructure and conservation of their highways. In construction, it was invested R$ 97 million in several completed and ongoing works as duplication, implementation of additional tracks and resurfacing. 

The technology and infrastructure offered by the concessionaire to its users also received contributions in 2015, with investments around R$ 18 million. Among the works are the revitalization of the weighing system; implementation of Fiber Optics at SP-127; replacement of two electronic message mobile panels; implementation of three new surveillance cameras at SP-075; and the revitalization of 170 emergency phones.

The region under concession of AB Colinas stands out for its great industrial development, sheltering large metropolitan areas such as Campinas, Sorocaba and Jundiaí. In it, there are large companies like Hyundai, Toyota, Nestlé, John Deere, Brasil Kirin, Unilever and Mercedes-Benz. Another highlight of the region is the presence of the Viracopos International Airport. Through the roads of AB Colinas are transported, on a large scale, fuel, vehicles, food and personal hygiene products, soy, corn, meat, bricks, tiles, sand, industrialized beverages, agricultural machinery and export products destined to the Viracopos International Airport.

About R$ 25 million was divided between the bordering towns as payment of the ISSqN (Tax on Services of Any Kind).

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