AB Nascentes das Gerais

In June 2007, Brazil achieved its first experience of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in road infrastructure sector with the concession of the MG-050/BR-265/BR- 491 System. AB Nascentes das Gerais is responsible for this pioneering project that manages the main connection route between Juatuba, the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, and São Sebastião do Paraíso, in the border between the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo, with 371.4 kilometers in extension. The roads pass through 22 municipalities directly, to which, in 2015, got around R$ 4,4 million over the payment of the Taxes on Services of any Kind (ISSqN).

AB Nascentes das Gerais has already invested R$ 854 million in the MG-050 System.

With those resources, it was able to run 87 kilometers of third lanes, 20 kilometers of duplications, 31 kilometers of route correction, 51 kilometers of shoulder, 4 bridges, 6 pedestrian underpasses, 5 walkways, 10 viaducts and 300 kilometers on pavement recovery.

In 2015, investments in works such as duplications, third lanes, walkways, signs, pavement recovery and fenders, among others, reached R$ 103.8 million.

For the years of 2016 and 2017, the investment program of the AB Nascentes das Gerais includes an additional R$ 480 million in more expansion works of the MG-050 System, totaling new 19 kilometers of duplications, 22 kilometers of third lanes, five kilometers of curve corrections and 22 returns and accesses.

Coal, sugar cane, iron ore, derivatives of steel mill and coffee are the main products that travel the highways of AB Nascentes das Gerais.

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