AB Triângulo do Sol

With 442.2 kilometers long, the roads managed by AB Triângulo do Sol since 1998 make connections between major cities in the State of São Paulo and play an important role in the flow of regional production, especially fuel, in natura orange and juice for export, sugar, agricultural implements, construction material, grains and vehicles.

Among the highways under its administration - which according to the National Confederation of Transport (CNT) are among the best in the country - is the Washington Luís Highway (SP 310), between São Carlos and Mirassol; Brigadeiro Faria Lima Highway (SP 326), from Matão to Bebedouro; and Carlos Tonani / Nemésio Cadetti / Laurentino Mascari / Mario Gentil Highway (SP 333) from Sertãozinho to Borborema. 

AB Triângulo do Sol already invested around R$ 3 billion in improvement projects, expansion, infrastructure, modernization of the operating system, conservation, supervision and monitoring of highways. Today, because of its financial performance, is considered one of the best companies in the transport and logistics sector. 129 kilometers of duplication, 70 kilometers of additional lanes and 430 kilometers of shoulders; 192.5 kilometers of rigid and metallic defenses; 47 remodeled cloverleaf access; construction of 15 bridges and viaducts; 15.5 kilometers of avenues; construction of nine walkways; two resting areas for drivers, with toilets, showers and coexistence areas. Since 1998, R$ 207 million in payments of ISS were destined to the 27 surrounding cities, providing regional development. In 2015, the value of the ISS to the surrounding cities of AB Triângulo do Sol reached the range of R$ 22.7 million.

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