As a result of an inspiring project, based on the sharing of knowledge and history of success, AB Concessões was born in 2012 - currently one of the largest road concessions groups in Brazil.

AB Concessões Group is a holding company which has already begun with recognized know-how, developing its operations based on their skills, tradition and en-trepreneurial vision of its shareholders, qualities con-quered in decades of experience in Europe and Latin America.

Being one of the largest group on its field in the country makes the day-to-day of AB Concessões a routine of challenges, learning and achievements. After all, there are more than 1,500 kilometers of roads under the supervision and care of over four thousand direct and indirect employees.

AB Concessões is responsible for the São Paulo concessionaires AB Triângulo do Sol, AB Colinas, and Rodovias do Tietê, and in the state of Minas Gerais for AB Nascentes das Gerais.

Grupo Atlantia

Its controlling shareholder, Grupo Atlantia is one of the largest road concession groups in the world, a story that begins in 1950 when, by initiative of the Italian government, it is created the Società Autostrade Concessioni e Costruzioni S.p.A. On the eve of celebrating half a century of existence in 1999, Società Autostrade is privatized, in the world’s largest operation of a company in the sector.

In 2003, from the demerger of the activities in concession is created the Autostrade per Italia S.p.A, completely controlled by Autostrade S.p.A. In 2007, Autostrade S.p.A becomes Atlantia S.p.A. In 2013 there was a merger with Gemina, the managing group in charge of Rome’s airport.

Atlantia is the largest group in the highway management segment of It-aly that, along with its subsidiaries, is characterized as one of the biggest players in its segment in the World. It is a publicly listed Group, with its stocks traded on the Milan Stock Exchange. It manages five thousand kilometers of toll roads in Italy, Brazil, Chile, India and Poland. There are over five million users per day. From 2013 to 2026, there are plans to invest more than 16 billion Euros in its highways.

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