Anticorrupcion Policy

In order to further strengthen its commitment to combating illegal conduct, AB Concessões Group, through the dissemination of Anti-Corruption Policy, intends to bring together and combine, within a coherent set, existing rules that are designed to prevent and combat such behaviors already applied by the Group, as well as raising the awareness of its employees regarding the rules and behaviors to be observed.

The prevention of corrupt practices is not only a legal obligation, but also one of the guiding principles of the AB Concessões Group, in reference to the strategic importance of the sector in which the Group operates, as well as the social and legal importance of the contexts in which its business is based.

As part of its commitment in this area, the AB Concessões Group adopted the Code of Ethics, which, together with the Organization, Management and Control models adopted, pursuant to Law 12.846 / 2013 (Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law), Legislative Decree 231/01 which all Italian companies have constantly developed and updated) and the Compliance Program implemented - establish the values that inspire the Group in pursuit of its objectives and key principles underlying its administrative practices.

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