AB Colinas

Composing the group of 20 concessionaires of the Concession Program of the State of São Paulo, AB Colinas is responsible for 307 kilometers of highways covering a large area. 

Since the beginning of the administration, in March 2000, the SP-075, SP-127, SP-280, SP-300 and SPI-102/300 have undergone constant investments since the beginning of the year. The concessionaire is complying with the investment schedule and so far works have been carried out such as road duplication, implementation of a user assistance system, walkways, bridges, overpasses, return devices, resurfacing, construction of inspection posts, equipment for the intelligent highway system, track recovery, customer service, etc. Know here the main works of improvements and investments.

The evolutions signal more respect to the life of the users that pass through the cities that compose the lot under concession of AB Colinas: Boituva, Cabreúva, Campinas,. , Salto, Saltinho, Sorocaba, Tatuí and Tietê.

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