AB Triângulo do Sol

AB Triângulo do Sol is a highway concessionaire that started operations in 1998 to manage stretches of SP 310 (Rodovia Washington Luís), SP 326 (Rodovia Brigadeiro Faria Lima) and SP 333 (Rodovia Carlos Tonani, Nemésio Cadetti, Laurentino Mascari and Dr. Mario Gentil), roads covered by Lot 9 of the Road Concession Program of the Government of the State of São Paulo.

In addition to modern user assistance systems and traffic control and operation equipment, AB Triângulo do Sol maintains the 442 kilometers of managed roads with constant investments, in order to maximize users' comfort and safety. More than R $ 4 billion has already been invested in improvements, expansions, infrastructure, modernization of the operating system, conservation, supervision and monitoring of highways. Know here the main works of improvements and investments.

The generation of employment and the continuous development of the region where it operates are some of the many benefits provided by the AB Triângulo do Sol. While it promotes the economy of 27 municipalities, the company contributes to sustainable growth, especially from the border communities to the administered highways.

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