Traffic Education

Educação no trânsito

Following a management system that maximizes the concept of social responsibility, AB Concessões invests in actions that value the community and the environment.

Therefore, the private social investment of the Group is directed especially to programs that value the integrity, safety on the roads and the well-being of users and community effectively. Thus, performs a intelligence work, in which is produced a detailed study of the events on the perimeter of the granted road network and which has been the basis for the development of projects focused on reducing accidents. The research shows the main critical points on those roads. Based on these data, a team of highly qualified professionals identifies probable causes, and elaborates the strategy to be applied in order to prevent further accidents.

AB Nascentes das Gerais maintains the Social Management Plan (Plano de Gestão Social - PGS), a program to promote traffic education for various groups (truck drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, students of primary and secondary education, drivers and community). The focus is to promote citizenship in traffic and reduce accidents. There is also the PSR (Road Safety Plan - Plano de Segurança Rodoviária), a preventive work in which AB Nascentes das Gerais makes investments in road safety at points that are diagnosed as critical. The PSR also allows educational campaigns to reduce accidents in partnership with the Fire Brigade and the Highway Patrol. Every year, there is a simulation of an accident with dangerous substances.

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