Rodovias do Tietê

Since 2009, Rodovias do Tietê Concessionaire manages 406 kilometers of highways that serve the Southeast and Central West of the State of São Paulo. 25 counties of São Paulo State are integrated by those roads and the Concessionaire participates in the development of each one, paying in 2015 R$ 10.3 million in ISSqN.

The concessionaire invests in infrastructure, comfort and safety of its users. Through its highways, over 70,000 vehicles travel daily, besides an important part of the agricultural and automotive production of the region.

The granted section consists of SP-101 (Jornalista Francisco Aguirre Proença Highway), SP-113 (Dr. João José Rodrigues Highway), SP-308 (Comendador Mário Dedini Highway), SP-300 (Marechal Rondon Highway), and SP-209 (Prof. João Hipólito Martins Highway). 

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